HillClimb Monsters

Ford Sierra RS500 || Cosworth Turbo 500Hp Monster - Falperra 2014

It´s over 500Hp of Turbocharged Cosworth goodness sent to the rear wheels on a beatifully mechanical way and tamed by veteran Portuguese driver Luís Barros. This is a Ford Sierra Cosowrth tuned to RS500 spec by AMOB Racing Tam from Portugal and raced on both circuit and Hillclimb Racing to this day. The Cosworth YB Turbo powered Group A Ford from the late 80´s and early 90´s has a special place on the hearts of may motorsports fans. And with good reason. From Bathurst, to Brands Hatch, to Nurburgring among many others in the Circuit Racing world, to Rally Monte Carlo or Corsica in WRC it´s a machine that proved its worth on many venues Hillclimb Racing is no different. In fact for many years, Sierra Cosworth, RS500 and BMW M3´s in their different versions battled for top spots in many classes of this sport. Such was their speed and versatility that even to this day we can observe footage like that. In this case we see an incredibly clean unit of a Sierra RS500 that is raced by AMOB Racing Team in Portugal and on this case attacking the great Rampa da Falperra. .