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Monza Florio Circuit by Bicycle - Onride POV In this video I show you a part of the Monza Florio Circuit, which was used from 1931 to 1938. The Florio Circuit was 6.68 km long, which is 4.15 Miles. We’re started at the current Ascari Chicane and are now on the original Central Straight, which was in use from the opening in 1922 to 1938. After renovation works in 1938, it was replaced by the current Central Straight, wich is on our right hand. Today the old Central Straight is a road inside the oval. The original Monza Circuit opened in 1922, after a construction time of only 100 days. After Brooklands in 1907, and Indianapolis in 1909, the Monza Circuit was the third purpose-built race track in the world. The full Monza circuit was exactly 10 kilometers long, which is 6.2 miles. The track included a road circuit and a high banked oval, that could be used separately or combined. The first changes to the track came after a fatal accident in 1928. During that year’s Italian Grand Prix the Italian driver Emilio Materassi crashed during an attempt to catch up to Giulio Foresti’s Bugatti on the main straight. Materassi’s Talbot plunged into the nearby spectators. Both Emilio Materassi and more than 20 spectators died. However it was not on the oval, it lead to the closure of the oval section, to reduce the high speeds on the main straight. In 1930 Vincenzo Florio, president of the Automobile Sports Commission, came up with the idea for a new layout, using the existing infrastructure of the circuit. A short straight and two rectangular corners connected the central straight and the oval. In this version only the Southern banking was used. This layout was called the Florio Circuit. Now we enter the Southern Banking. Actually, this is not the original banking used in the Florio Circuit. The old banking was demolished during the 1938 renovation works. This banking is from 1955, when Monza want to return to the combination of a road circuit and a high speed oval. Since 1970, the oval is no longer part of the Monza Circuit. It was found too dangerous and was left abandoned. However, since 1978, the oval is used once a year for the Monza Rally, which use only the lower part of the banking. The rest of the year it’s a reminder of a bygone era. See also my other Monza videos: Special thanks: - The footage in this video was filmed by Yuri Bruschi. Visit also his channel: - The voice over was done by Simon Smith. Thanks for watching this video. Don't miss our new videos and subscribe to my channel. Thanks for the subscribe :)