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The Red Bull-Honda Partnership – Max Verstappen And Pierre Gasly On Working With Honda In F1 | M1TG

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing’s switch to Honda power for 2019 was in no small part thanks to the successes seen by sister team Toro Rosso, whose decision to bring in the Japanese manufacturer at the start of last year paid dividends. And none more so than for Red Bull’s new driver Pierre Gasly, whose experience working with Honda also extends to his 2016 season in Super Formula. Speaking to Mobil 1 The Grid, Gasly and teammate Max Verstappen explain more about the engine changes, the change in culture, and the prospect of an improved Power Unit package for the team in 2019. #F1 #ChineseGP #RedBull #Honda #Formula1 #Verstappen Subscribe to Mobil 1 The Grid: http://bit.ly/1SaSHkZ Stay up to date with Mobil 1 The Grid: Website: mobil1thegrid.com Twitter: twitter.com/mobil1thegrid Instagram: instagram.com/mobil1thegrid Google+: google.com/+Mobil1TheGrid Max Verstappen Pierre Gasly F1 2019 F1 1000 F1 1,000 ChineseGP Chinese Grand Prix Chinese GP Shanghai F1 Race Preview Red Bull Honda Christian Horner